Participation Requirements & Registration


First Prize: $100 in Mac Bucks
Second Prize: $75 in Mac Bucks
Third Prize: $50 in Mac Bucks


October 9: Registration forms are DUE.

Lamp posts will be assigned no later than Oct. 9, though earlier entries will likely get their assignments sooner.

October 11: Scarecrows must be installed.
October 12-29Online voting!
October 31: Winners announced and prizes awarded.
November 3: Scarecrows removed.


Scarecrows will be attached to lampposts. The builder of the scarecrow must provide a method of attaching the entry. The preferred method is zip ties, but twine or rope are accepted. They must NOT be adhered with tape, screws, wires or anything that could damage the lamppost. We encourage you to place hay bales, corn stalks, etc. around the scarecrow for added appeal.

Maximum height – 8 feet; maximum width – 4 feet. The entire structure is considered to be the dimension of the entry, not just the scarecrow. Scarecrows must not obstruct view or impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic, but keep in mind, you’ll want your scarecrow to be visible from the street.

Please construct your scarecrow for durability. We don’t want to have your hard work blowing around in the wind or wilting after the first rain. You may want to use chicken wire, straw, corn husks and stalks, rubber foam, and other lasting products that will hold their shape.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Spray Scotchguard® on the inside and outside of fabrics to prevent mildew.
  • Stuffing can be made from many materials, but newspaper and water-soluble peanuts are not advised. Plastic bags and bubble wrap work well. Use weather resistant materials including nylon and polyester fabrics.
  • Please include a plaque or sign that lists a title, description, and name of artist

No electricity is available for kinetic scarecrows.

The McMinnville Downtown Association and its agents may use photographs of and stories about the scarecrow as well as information contained in this entry form for publicity and promotion of the event. Do not put anything of value or importance on the scarecrow. All parts must be securely fastened. The McMinnville Downtown Association assumes no responsibility for the scarecrow or its pieces.